Wharton Esherick Music Stand – Part 1


When most people think of Wharton Esherick and his woodcraft they envision his famous free-standing spiral staircase, his library steps or his music stand. While I appreciate his artistic vision and the way he enveloped his life with it, I can honestly say there are only a handful of Esherick pieces I’d like to build (some will likely appear in future issues).

The one piece that has been on my bucket list since I was 19 is his iconic music stand. I haven’t played a musical instrument since junior high (far too obsessed with woodworking to worry about music). Building the music stand is just something I’ve wanted to do for fun and the challenge of the build.

You’re probably wondering how a period-furniture guy can make a mid-century modern piece that’s more sculpture than furniture; the answer comes down to a basic understanding of wood and woodworking techniques. Nearly every project can be broken down into smaller steps made up of one or more basic skills. Once you’ve learned, practiced and mastered those basic techniques you can build anything.

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One thought on “Wharton Esherick Music Stand – Part 1

  1. Great job Chuck! I love this stand and have started making it. Can’t wait until the next segment!

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