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The project I recently completed, a reproduction of a C.F.A. Voysey mantel clock in alternate materials was one of the best times I’ve had in the shop in recent memory. For some twisted reason, I’m fond of making things on a small scale, and some of the details in the piece are a wee bit below the norm.

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In the picture above I’m cutting out the hour hand. The finished hands are about 1/16″ thick, I had to temporarily glue a stack of three together to keep the tiger maple from cracking as I worked on them.

stripes_1499The tapered legs are tiger maple too, with 1/8″ thick ebony stripes about 3/4 of the way up.

hingescrew_1452Around the back is an access door to the clock movement. The screws are #1 or #2 and the screw driver is one you use to tighten the screws on your glasses.

gluecornice_1421The cornice molding steps in and out on the underside of the top. After a bit of head-scratching I came up with a way to shoot the miters on the return pieces.

fit_1465This is near the end of the line, the legs and panels tuck in behind the molding. One down, three to go.


Here it is put together, ready to come apart again for finishing. The inlay on the face is mother-of-pearl and the dome and spire on top are more tiger maple. Tiger maple is very cool.

Voysey_1510Here is the assembled clock, after ebonizing the walnut panels, top and feet. One coat of clear shellac has been sprayed on. The clock is the cover project for the August issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine (my day job is executive editor). The magazine will be available towards the end of June, and the DVD will be released around the same time. Sign up for my newsletter, and you can be first in line to get a copy. (DVD is now in stock, click here to get your copy.)

You can build one of these and find out how much fun small details can be. It’s easier than you think.

–Bob Lang


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3 thoughts on “Voysey Clock DVD — Close Look At Details

  1. Very cool! nice detailed instructions.

  2. What did you use for clockworks?

    1. I just used an inexpensive quartz movement, there is room in the case however to spend a lot of money on a mechanical one. The original had a pendulum movement, I think there is an image of it on the V&A museum website.


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