Veritas Surface Clamp Does More

In 2006 when I built my Shaker-style workbench, I installed holes along the front edge of my top to help with work-holding. I could hold one side of a wide panel in my vise and clamp the opposite edge using a Veritas Surface Clamp. Slip the clamp into a 3/4″-diameter hole, tighten the wedge adjustment feature, swing the tilt arm over the panel and thumb-screw the clamp tight.

Over more than a decade of using the bench, I’ve employed my pair of surface clamps many, many times. But it wasn’t until this past week that a new way to use the clamps evolved.

An Extra Hand

Doing a bit of inlay and veneer work at my bench, I needed to easily plug in a few appliances, including an iron, glue pot and hair dyer. And when required, as in when I removed trimmings around my contrasting field veneer, I needed to use a heat gun. My extension cord, however, had only three plug areas, so I was changing plugs when the fourth appliance was put to use.

After a couple of times of switching out plugs at floor level, I grabbed a surface clamp and put it to use holding my extension cord end. It worker great. A real time-saver and back-saver.

—Glen D. Huey



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One thought on “Veritas Surface Clamp Does More

  1. It is little time (and back) savers like that that really help out.
    Thanks Glen.
    Good tip.

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