Unique Father’s Day Gift

~HF-GS-LSunday June 19th is Father’s Day. It’s the only scheduled day each year that Dads are honored – Dads and Moms, however, should be honored every day. (And thumb your nose to bosses day and all the other nonsense holidays made up by card companies.)

If you’re anywhere near my age, and many of you are because that’s the demographic for woodworkers, you’ve handed your Dad a coffee mug or small crappy statue with the words “World’s Greatest Dad” on it. And chances are that you’ve received one of those token Father’s Day gifts somewhere along the line and thought that it was the greatest gift of all time when you popped open the box. It’s good to remember those days, but do you have a mug or statue that you use today? Probably not, but you’re welcome for the trip down memory lane.

~statueWoodworkers are into making and creating. Handmade is a word that catches their eye. If you’re looking for a great and unique gift for your Dad, or if you’re a Dad looking for a hint to pass along, take a look at what the folks at Horton Brasses have lined up for Father’s Day – it’s a limited edition, hand-forged grill set (shown above).

For more information or to place an order before it gets too late, click here. I have an antique set similar to these that I collected many years ago, but it is a spatula and ladle. I’m open to having a newer version, too.

— Glen D. Huey

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