Ultimate Cutting Boards

I’ve watched the woodworking Internet recently to see an uptick in cutting boards. This is catching my attention because most days I’m in the shop, I’m working on projects that require my head be in the game for hours, or days, at a time. There are times when getting in the shop to bang out a quick project, a no-brainer if you will, is a major load of fun.

Sometimes, however, those too-simple projects are not challenging enough. What I’ve come to look for is a hybrid – a project that challenges me, but does not require me to lock in a laser focus. When it comes to making cutting boards, our friend and 360WoodWorking contributor, Alex Snodgrass has hit the mark. Following his step-by-step guide produces the ultimate cutting boards and more.

His two videos, “3d Cutting Boards” and “3D Cutting Boards: The Ball,” are not just about assembling scraps into a slab. Alex’s methods and techniques get more involved. You assemble pieces to create designs that are then cut in specific ways to make patterns. (It’s kin to making inlay banding.) How you assemble those patterns is the key to amazing results.

But that is just the beginning. After you learn how all the pieces come together, you can apply the techniques to other items. The photo below is just the beginning of what a woodworker can accomplish with these DVDs in hand.

At left is a cookie jar and its lid is shown above right. Below right is an example of the Ball technique on a cutting board.

You can find Alex’s DVDs in our store. Click here to pick up both DVDs at a savings. Or you can buy the two individually here and here.

– Glen D. Huey


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  1. Whelp, thanks! Now I need to go up my anti-seizure med dosage after looking at these pictures. (The Louis Cube style boards are fun to make by the way.)

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