Two Moons Per Dial

BoxHow do you know when a company has pride in its work and is experienced? Take a look at how products are shipped. Around the end of 2014, I received, for a customer, a hand-painted tall clock dial from Dial House II in Temple, Georgia. I knew the painting would be exquisite because I’ve used them and seen their work numerous times. It was. What surprised me, however, was the packaging. Strange, huh?

The dial pan and moon dial were packed in a custom box, which had added support inside. The extra strip of cardboard surrounded the contents. After I removed the packed-in newspaper, I pulled out the package. Everything was nestled in multiple layers of bubble wrap. At this point I’m almost sure that a FedEx or UPS driver having an impossible day could not have damaged the dial.

WrapOnce the bubble wrap was stripped, the pan and dial were covered in clean, neatly folded paper. As the paper came off, I got a look at the paintings. Needless to say, I was once again happy with the folks at Dial House II – as was my customer.

The dial pan and moon dial are for a Federal tall clock that I built for a customer. The original was an Egerton clock from New Jersey. After I began the project I decided to build a second for myself – at this time, my clock has a reproduced paper dial that I pulled off an antique clock website. I posted a number of blogs on my time building the clock, all of which have been ported to the new 360 WoodWorking blog (search tall clock).

In case you haven’t looked at a painted clock dial and moon dial, below are photos of the two. My customer asked that there be a theme to the painting, which was focused on shorebirds and shrimp boats.


If you didn’t know – and I have to admit that I didn’t until recently – there are two moons painted on the moon dial.


If you need a dial for your tall clock, I suggest Dial House II. There are three generations of artists working on all phases of clock dials from new work to restoration of antique works. You can find them online, here.

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  1. Magnificent artisan’s masterpiece! As you iterate the real products of quality craftsmen is evidenced by the care they show in the end results. In this case shipping. Thank you for your blog.

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