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Open_IMG_8114Making good furniture is mostly a matter of making good parts. To distinguish good enough from better do it over, you need tools to measure accurately and you need to practice using them. Sizes need to be as close as you can make them with straight edges that are square, flat and true. Even if you’re a dedicated power-tool user, you still need to master how to measure, check for square and lay out and mark your work.

In today’s article (available to our subscribers) Robert W. Lang discusses eight must-have, woodworking hand tools. In this article, Bob explains each tool, shares his ideas on what makes the tools valuable and explains what to look for when you’re ready to make a purchase. He’s also included a couple of short videos showing some of the extra work these tools bring to the bench, including how to use dividers to bisect angles and how to use a combination square to find the true center of a piece of stock.

If you’re not a subscriber, take a look at our free premier issue for a taste of what we’re presenting. You can access the table of contents for our first issue here. Plus, here’s a blog post by Bob that explains how these tools can further improve your woodworking.

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