Today’s Article: Real World Woodworking Jigs

IMG_2522Jigs or other devices that make work faster and more predictable are a staple item in most working shops and a bread-and-butter item in any woodworking publication. Far too often there is a disconnect between making work easier and making more work for the sake of creating a jig with too many pieces of T-track, star shaped knobs, micro-adjustments and other bells and whistles.

In today’s article (available to our subscribers) Glen Huey reviews the 6 jigs he used in building his New England Slant Lid Desk  (one of the projects featured in the Free Premier Issue of 360 WoodWorking). In this article, Glen shows you how to make them and how to use them.There are drawings for each of the jigs as well as a short video. You’ll find a way to rip thin material safely at the table saw, a method for making square crosscuts on wide panels, two ways to enable your router to create perfect joints, a better tenon jig than you can buy and last but not least a method for cutting dovetail pins at the bandsaw. Put these to work in your shop and save time, money and frustration when you adopt the methods used by a guy who has been building great furniture for a long, long time.

If you’re not a subscriber, take a look at our free premier issue for a taste of what we’re presenting. You can access the table of contents for our first issue here, and here are a couple of free articles about jigs: Glen wrote about his  jig for tapering legs in this blog post and I wrote about my Seven Secrets for Successful Jigs in this one.

When you become a subscriber, you have access to new articles, presentations and videos every week. We’re about halfway through releasing the content of our first issue and more is on the way. If you don’t want to miss out, click here or below to subscribe to 360 Woodworking.

If you want a better idea of what we’re publishing, check out the free premier issue of 360 WoodWorking with more than 90 pages of great woodworking content that includes video, large photos and clear detailed illustrations.

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