Today’s Article – Fundamentals of Woodworking: Plane Exercises

SB_Online_FeaturedNovice woodworkers often ask how to develop skills with a hand plane. The resurgence of hand-tool woodworking over the last decade has brought these timeless tools to the forefront again. And, while they are not difficult to use, the learning curve for proficiency is greater than that of their corded counterparts.

In today’s article (available to our subscribers) Chuck Bender kicks off the second regularly occurring column for 360 WoodWorking with a fun little project to help beginners get started with hand planes (it even includes a cool little detail that will build your chisel skills). Learn how to make a beautiful, and functional, sanding block for your shop all while honing your hand plane and chisel skills.

The article covers tips and information for four squaring a board with hand tools. Ultimately, the desired result of any woodworking exercise is to produce something useful and/or beautiful; and this article helps you achieve both.

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