It’s Time to Think Woodworking Classes

Moving into warmer Spring and Summer breezes causes many to think about taking woodworking classes – who wants to bet on the weather in January and February, unless you’re south of Cancun? Plus, it’s often the best time to steal away a few days to pump up your woodworking skills.

Classes at 360 Woodworking are often geared toward projects – you learn techniques throughout the week-long class as you build a project such as a Mission desk or oxbow chest.

Of course, I’d like to see you take a 360 Woodworking class, but I also realize that many woodworkers like shorter classes. To that end, Ron Herman – the guy who talks hand tools and is in 360 Woodworking on a regular basis – has a just released a list of upcoming classes to be taught in his new shop in New Holland, Ohio.

Hand Tool Focus

If you’re looking for classes to help you become a better sawyer – choosing and using saws, sharpening saws and how to fine-tune a saw in your buck –  you need to check out Ron’s website, He covers all these topics in a single, three-day weekend in May. Hey, that’s right around the corner! Then in early June Ron fills a Saturday and Sunday talking and teaching all the intricacies of shooting boards. Plus, there are other classes listed for later in June and in July.

If you need additional information about Ron’s classes, or you just want to know where the hell New Holland, Ohio is, drop Ron a message. He’ll be happy to reply.

— Glen D. Huey

If you’d like more information on 360Woodworking classes, please ping me (click my name and drop me a note).

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