The Woodworking Shows 2010

Now that the holiday season has come to a close with all it’s hectic furniture production, I thought I’d get a chance to relax a bit and take a break…yeah, right.

So many posts, so much furniture to build, so many classes to develop and so little time. I’m not complaining mind you. It’s nice to be busy but this is ridiculous. For the last 19 years, September through December was always hectic building pieces for customers for the holidays. I’d work tons of hours and churn out tons of pieces for folks who had been waiting quite a long time to get their furniture. Somehow I always managed to have vacation between Christmas and New Year’s. Until this year, that is.

I’ve ended up working just as hard as the several months leading up to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do but it’s nice to have some down time once in a while. It’s pretty bad when I’m looking to the show season as being that “down time”. With the show season ramping up starting this coming weekend, I’m feeling more than a little anxiety. The DVD that we wanted to have ready is in production (meaning it’s being duplicated and packaged…hopefully as you read this) and will be available but not for a couple more weeks. This means I’m going to miss the first couple of shows but at least it’s finally done. I still have some furniture to work on before I head off to Baltimore for the show this weekend. There’s a bunch of blog posts I have started but need to expand and wrap up before they hit the internet and I have a dozen projects for around the shop that I’d like to get going and wrapped up before the first class in February. But right now, I just want to concentrate on preparing for my “down time” this weekend.

It’ll be crazy getting packed up, set up and doing the show this weekend but I really have fun doing the shows. It’s a time when I get to focus solely on the task at hand, meeting woodworkers from all over the country. When I do the shows, I don’t think about the projects that need doing or the classes that need preparing. I just think about all the great folks I get to meet. There’s the familiar faces of those who’ve been through classes at the school as well as the vendors who’ve become friends plus I get to meet all those new faces that attend the shows every year. I’ve said it before but it still rings true. Woodworkers are the greatest people on the planet. If everyone worked wood, there’d be less strife in the world.

This year, my show schedule isn’t much different than 2009. I’ve expanded the geography of my show circuit a bit by heading the the show in Atlanta. Unfortunately, that means I needed to drop the Indianapolis show but there’s always 2011. I just couldn’t travel every single weekend in January. I’ll try to get some decent pictures from the shows this year and post them from the road. With a little luck, I may even be able to finish off some of those blog posts sitting in “drafts”.

If you’re interested in trekking out to the shows I’ll be attending, I’ve got everything listed on the class calendar at the website (click hereto head there now) and I’ve also posted a list of the shows over at Lumberjocks (click here to check out that post). If you make it out to one of the shows, make sure you introduce yourself.  I really enjoy meeting woodworkers but please remember…I’m on “vacation”.


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2 thoughts on “The Woodworking Shows 2010

  1. Chuck,
    Take it easy!! If you need help, let me know next year, I always take vacation during the holidays in order to work wood. I’d love to apprentice with you!!


  2. Sir Chuck Bender,

    Happy New Year!!! Good Luck with the woodworking shows, hopefully it will be a huge success. Now, if you need any help I am willing to help in any way. For Sir Bender what you are offering in my eyes is something no one person is doing. At acanthus you are offering something special and pushing the envelope, you are offering variety of courses, pushing everyone’s skill level and keeping small. This is a true apprenticeship under one amazing craftsmen.

    Good Luck! God Bless!


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