The Times They Are A Changin’

customize2_360When 360 WoodWorking got its start I cobbled together a website that attempted to meet our needs and the prospective needs of our members. And what we’ve had has been functional, but not much else. That’s all about to change. I’m going to get a little techie now, but stick around until the end – it gets better I promise.

The programs that run our site keep morphing and updating to provide a better user experience and greater security for your personal information. For us, the limiting factor has been the framework on which our website design is built. The developers stopped updating it in favor of developing a whole new product. And, while they’ve maintained support for the original product, they haven’t kept it up. So, if something is horribly broken, and it’s fixable within the confines of the existing framework, they’ll help get the site back to limping along. But they haven’t been updating it to comply with the new, and ever evolving, standards of the core programs on which the site is built.

Ok, I’m back. Not too geekish, right? Glen and I have been satisfied (but not enthused) with our website since the beginning. We look at it like most of the furniture we’ve built – it looks good, functions, but we see all the mistakes and flaws. (And because we’re professionals, we’re not gonna tell where those mistakes and flaws are.)

For the last couple of months, I’ve been playing around with a new framework and new designs for the website. And learning from all of those little life-lessons I spelled out yesterday and the day before, the site will improve by making some simple changes. The website is the first in a series of changes to 360 WoodWorking that is going to give you easier access to more information about the subject we’re all passionate about – woodworking. And it all begins this weekend. Check in here and there to see the changes – some great and some small. If you’re not a member already, sign up today.

— Chuck Bender


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