The End of Woodworking?

I hope when you read the title of this post you did so with a bit of sarcasm. This weekend I was fast-forwarding through commercials while catching up on a show. Flashing past the screen at a 32X rate I noticed a table saw. Whoa! Time to backtrack and play it again. What I discovered was the end of woodworking as we know it.

(If you miss it the first time through, pay attention around the 8 second mark.) There it was. The first ever – at least for me – television advertisement for a law firm (pardon me while I snicker) that lumped the nasty ass table saw with catastrophic automobile and motorcycle accidents and bad medications. I had to go back a second time to see if the firm’s name included Gass.

Anyone interested in a piece of sh*t table saw? Can’t have it in my shop anymore! (Yes. More sarcasm.)

Just my opinion.

— Glen D. Huey

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4 thoughts on “The End of Woodworking?

  1. Down here in Florida, the ambulance chasers are all over the TV.
    But you are right, that’s the first time I ever saw a saw on the add’s.
    “Oh my God, my table saw is trying to kill me”… 😉
    Thanks Glen.

  2. Well guys it happens; after 40 years it happened to me, and it’s true my out of pocket above health insurance was more that the difference between the hi tech saw and not.

    I miss the old work horse, but I have no gripes with the new, and if you ever have a friend in the shop ??

    1. Dave,

      Is this a new accident? Please say it wasn’t. BTW – I’m a believer in that table saws can bit; been lightly bitten a couple of times throughout my shop days. You have to have your head in the game and take precautions. Even with that, I don’t think you can lump them in with car accidents caused by drivers other than yourself.

      1. Glen,
        Its always someone else’s fault! that’s why we have law schools. And no thank goodness no new cuts but your right about the cold weather and a very cold tip. it never lets me forget.

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