Sweet Music in the Woodshop

This past Saturday, I taught a one-day workshop for the Central Indiana Woodworkers. The shop was relatively quite in the morning, but after lunch the shop filled with sweet music that told me work was getting done. But this is sure to drive the “hand-tool-only” crowd over the edge. Enjoy.

— Glen D. Huey

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Music in the Woodshop

  1. Hearing protection???? Saw only one person with hearing protection.

  2. That’s noise, not sweet music. Now … the hum of a random orbit sander moving over a large panel, or the whoosh of a finish sprayer as it moves onto-across-off the work, that’s more like music to my ears. 🙂

    1. Robert,
      Some of us like the symphony, some think Sinatra is the best and others head straight to Judas Priest. It’s all music.

  3. Cool! Glen, I like it. Woodworkers Makin’ Sawdust! I like it! jt

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