Stick to Dowel


In the current 360 Woodworking article released this morning (Friday 6/17/2016) Chuck Bender builds a nifty nail box that was once a project for his VoEd class. It’s also a great small shop project to build your precision in woodworking. The box is dovetailed at its corners, as is the tray that fits inside. There’s also half-lap joinery in the tray.

On the two sides of the box are supports for a round handle. by which you carry the box and tray as it’s loaded with nails and screws. The handle begins as a square piece of stock that is planed into a dowel. Below Chuck has a series of steps to accomplish the task; some of the words did not pop up when typed into a Google search. Do you know these words?

“Once you’ve got the octagon planed, layout a hexadecagon (16 sides) and plane away. Approximation on the 16 sides is fine, unless you’re into the math of laying out the polygon on both ends of the stick. And after you’ve planed the hexadecagon, go for a triacontadigon, or 32 sides – I usually just go for round at that point. Triacontadigon or not, finish the stick to round.”

— Glen D. Huey

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