Steve Latta: Woodworking at the College Level – 360w360 E.248

In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking we hear from a woodworking professor at Thaddeus Stevens College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You may better know him as Steve Latta, woodworker, Fine Woodworking contributing editor and the guy who, in my opinion, brought inlay back to the forefront of woodworking. Steve is in his 20th year teaching this craft to those in college – and he’s doing a damn fine job if you look at the results.

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Dream Job

Steve Latta doesn’t just talk the talk when teaching woodworking to students at Thaddeus Stevens College. He walks the walk, too, by writing for Fine Woodworking magazine and hosting DVDs with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Discover how he landed his position at Thaddeus Stevens, and hear his thoughts about teaching woodworking at the college level.  Plus, if you’re wondering if there are benefits to a woodworking program in higher education, you need to listen closely. Listen to the accomplishments of the program’s students, and be awed by the fact that graduated students are returning to the program to find their next employees.

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2 thoughts on “Steve Latta: Woodworking at the College Level – 360w360 E.248

  1. Great listen, thanks for the shout out Steve! I return to the school to hire before looking anywhere else, and still have not had to look anywhere else. Great listen, I will surely share!

  2. Great presentation Glen!
    I’m forwarding this to my nephews in Lancaster, PA.

    –Wm. F. Brown Fine Furniture

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