Steve Latta Dishes on Fine Woodworking – 360w360 E.253

In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking writer, furniture maker and instructor Steve Latta is back to talk about Fine Woodworking Magazine.  Listen as he talks about the various editors he has worked with at the magazine throughout the past 30 years, and learn about a few of the articles he is most please with writing. Plus, he shares his method of work. Are you “process” oriented, or “project” oriented?

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A Frank Discussion on Woodworking

If you have yet to discover, Steve Latta tells it to you straight when it comes to woodworking. He pulls no punches whether he’s talking to his students at Thaddeus Stevens College, to editors of a magazine or covering topics on a podcast. How he became involved with Fine Woodworking magazine and how he found himself smack dab in the middle to a rejuvenation of period inlay and stringing are both great stories. He also shares a couple of his favorite published articles and hints as to what is in the pipeline for future articles.

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One thought on “Steve Latta Dishes on Fine Woodworking – 360w360 E.253

  1. Another excellent 360 with 360.
    Steve Latta is one of the best, and it’s always interesting to hear a guy like him dish on different areas of woodworking.
    Thanks Glen.

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