Spring Clamps

SpringClampsAs I worked on a project coming out this week to our 360 Woodworking members, I noticed that I was making use of one of my favorite shop accessories. Spring clamps are perfect for a quick hold, and if you need a bit more holding power you just add a few more. That’s what I did to secure a cull used to apply pressure to simple shop inlay for this project.

As I snapped the photo, I couldn’t help but think back to a presentation I did a while ago for the Sunflower Woodworkers Guild in Wichita at which we talked about spice boxes as I demonstrated doing the inlay for a spice box door. We had the presentation at Les Hasting’s shop – he’s a member of the guild.

At sometime during the presentation, I needed a few spring clamps and Les brought me a full 5-gallon bucket. (In the 360 woodworking shop, we have about two dozen spring clamps.) Being the smart ass that I am, I smiled at Les and asked if that’s all he had. As the guys in the class laughed at my question, Les rolled over a 50-gallon drum filled to the top.

The joke’s was on me. Obviously Mr. Hastings appreciates spring clamps as much as I do. If not more.

Another way to increase the holding force of spring clamps is to add a second clamp as shown below. Are there other spring-clamp tricks out there?


— Glen D. Huey


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4 thoughts on “Spring Clamps

  1. Those are great for smaller glue ups too.
    I found a place close to my house that has really nice ones for a buck a piece.
    I bought a BUNCH and use them alot.
    That trick of adding the backwards clamp to increase the hold of the first clamp is one of the reasons I signed up as a member of this site.
    I always pick something up from you guys.
    Thanks Glen.

    1. Eric,

      You’re a lucky woodworker to find such a deal. And thanks for being a member of 360 Woodworking; we appreciate your interest and comments. Please tell 10,000 of your closest friends.

  2. Did you ask Les if he has any carving chisels too?

    1. Rob,

      After the spring clamp discussion, I was hesitant to ask Les for anything short of directions to the bathroom. But I did get to see his home shop and some of the great work he does.

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