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IMG_2725The first ever project class with 360 Woodworking is about to begin day three. As you look at the photos in this post (taken at the close of day two), I think you’ll notice that the work is exceptional, and the project is moving ahead spectacularly. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you attend classes that are limited in size (meaning the number of attendees) and work in a shop setup to get woodworking out the door. And, it’s not as though Chuck Bender is a taskmaster – heck, we even go out for lunch each day.

Brian Prusa, the younger member of the class, is intent on learning more about woodworking. Brian has worked in and around furniture making for a bit. His box is really coming together. I’m intrigued by his dovetail layout and craftsmanship. Having hand cut his dovetails only a few times, he stepped up his game using a graduated layout – each tail gains in width.


The character in the class is Charles Miller. He’s from a small town in Tennessee that was once known as Frogville, which was later changed to Kirkland; it’s about halfway between Spring Hill and Murfreesboro if you’re keeping score. Charles is making his box out of mahogany, and has a great veneered panel for his door. His work is top-notch, and only outdone by his random singing. Yesterday we were treated to Charles’ rendition of “Centerfold,” by the J. Geils Band.


The last, but by no means least, class attendee is Mark Firley. Mark is well known to many of us woodworkers because of his attraction to dovetails (read his blog here). He frequents almost any antique shop he runs across to ramble through and snap shots of interesting pieces – and, of course, any dovetail he sees. Well, his ability to cut and fit dovetails is way better than his pins-and-tails photography, and those are damn good. His box, to this point, is flawless.


If you’re looking to get into the shop with the guys from 360 Woodworking, the next class we have coming up is a block-front chest. The class runs from June 15th through the 19th. If you’d like to register, contact me directly (click on my name below), or you can work through the website (click here).


— Glen D. Huey



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2 thoughts on “Spice Box Class @ 360 Woodworking

  1. I’m so glad to see you both teaching together again. The boxes look great and I can’t wait to see the finished projects. So are these guys getting the old teaching styles of Chuck’s way is right and well Glen’s

    In all seriousness I’ve taken multiple classes with Chuck and Glen teaching together. This was an awesome experience as you saw two different ways (sometimes similar other times very different) of doing things and to sit back and listen to them hash out issues and some of the solutions they came up with made it well worth the price of admission.

    Congratulations and I can’t wait until the fall

    Joey C.

  2. Even though I’ve made a couple of these Glen, I still wish I were there with you guys building another. I love Spice Boxes, and their secrets! Still Makin’ Sawdust, jt

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