Slide-Lid Domino Box

The newest course added to the line-up is “Slide-Lid Domino Box.” This course walks you step-by-step through a variety of joinery. You’ll discover detailed presentations on how to layout and cut dovetail pins (and the matching tails) in which you also miter the top edge to capture and hide the grooves for the sliding lids. Work through mortise-and-tenon joints, shown being cut at a tablesaw in one lesson, and by hand in the next lesson.

Finishing includes the use of a stupid-simple finish mixture that is shop-mixed from three common ingredients purchased from any hardware store or home-center. It’s easy to apply, and can be built to almost any desired level of sheen.

Included in the course are a full set of plans, a cut list and a PDF of step photos (84 color images each with captions) for additional information.

Simply register and download the course, find it under the “My Account” page, open it and enjoy working through the individual lesson at your leisure.

To continue reading this presentation or to watch the video, you must
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Here are specific instructions on how you can begin your online course:

  1. Login
  2. Go to Store/Online Courses/Slide-Lid Domino Box
  3. Add the course to your cart then checkout (Make sure you check the box just above the “Place Order” button
  4. Click the button – It looks like nothing happened, but it did
  5. Return to your cart and empty it
  6. Click “Return to Shop”
  7. Hover over “My Account” when the list appears click on “My Courses” There you should find the online course waiting for you.

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