Six and a half weeks (give or take six weeks)

Just an update on what’s been happening around here in the last month and a half…or so. This is, after all, a woodworker’s journal. So, I guess I ought to be occasionally filling the world in on what I’ve been doing.

First off, our WoodTalkOnline contest came to an end. We announced the winner on episode 52 (you can listen here). David Cloutier of New Hampshire was the big winner. Thanks to Marc Spagnuolo, Matt Vanderlist and Popular Woodworking magazine for being the biggest parts of this contest.

For those that somehow missed it, the contest was trivia based. We listed questions about Marc, Matt, the guys at Popular Woodworking and there were even a couple about me. For the answers to the questions, check out Popular Woodworking’s blog (you can find them here).

After a couple of familial setbacks, I was hard at work in the shop before the next round of classes began. In addition to some “minor” repair work to some pieces that were slated to be exhibited at the Chester County Historical Society Antique Show, I was commissioned to make a gift for the honorary chairman. Some of you probably have heard of him. He’s been on PBS’s Antiques Road Show a few times. His name is Leigh Keno and the Society wanted to give him a Chester County line and berry inlaid bible box.

Naturally, I went to my “scrap” pile and dragged out a little old walnut board I just couldn’t throw away. And, yes you do see correctly. That board spans the entire cast iron top of my Powermatic 66.  It was, however, originally a lot longer. I already took a lowboy top and a couple of other things out of it. There really wasn’t much left that was usable. In fact, there was just enough for the bible box. I got lucky in that when I started milling it down the figure was pretty decent. In case you can’t see it in the blurry picture, I’ve added a close-up of the section I milled for the top of the box.

The whole project was rather hurried  so I didn’t get too many pictures. One I did manage to get was of the front of the box showing the line and berry inlay with Leigh’s initials. Sooner or later I have a picture of the final box coming. With everything else that was going on, I rushed out at the last minute to drop the thing off for the presentation ceremony but forgot to snap a photo of it at the end. For those that know me, it isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m usually far more concerned with the little details of a piece, getting it perfect, than I am with photographically documenting it. My wife still kicks me for all the pieces of furniture that have gone out without being photographed for the portfolio.

Immediately after getting ready for the show, the class schedule kicked into high gear. It’s been a whirlwind of classes with projects squeezed in between. When we started the school about a year and a half ago, I figured it would take ten years before the school seriously impeded on my ability to keep up with the furniture orders. Thanks go to everyone who has supported the school so enthusiastically. You’ve made the school such a success we’re nine years ahead of schedule.

I could go on forever but I have dozens of posts sitting in my “drafts” folder that need wrapping up plus I have tons of work to do in the shop. Somewhere in all the madness, I’ll push out a few blog posts and a few pieces of furniture. Hopefully, I’ll even remember to document some of it so I can share it here.

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  1. Hey what’s this line?

  2. Chuck, that is a HUGE piece of walnut!! Since I’ve bought all that walnut, I’m curious how the box looks after finishing, and what process you used in finishing it. Can you put that on the blog? I know you’re busy!!

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