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2017_class_assemblyWe have a few classes left on the calendar for 2016 –  handtool aficionados should be all over Matt Bickford’s classes on Hollows & Rounds in which you build a round and take the material for a matching hollow during the first class, and in the second class he teaches you how to use his planes, which he supplies so you do not need to be in the first class. Even though we still have a few openings for those classes , we have loaded our 2017 classes onto our website. (You can see the newest additions here.)

The reason you would take a hands-on class is for the fun and enjoyment, of course. But there are many additional reasons to do so, such as you like the project, you want to learn a technique specifically taught in the class or you want to increase your knowledge. And knowledge increases the speed at which you get things built.

When we talk speed, we’re not solely focused on moving faster. It’s that you’ll not spend as much time thinking and planning – you move automatically (and fluidly) from step to step.  That’s the advantage.

If you want to talk moving faster, then we do have a recommendation to pass along. This is a technique that I’ve put to use over the past few months; it deals with listening to Podcast. We’ve become big fans of Podcast, and from the messages we get on a regular basis, many of you are too. (If you haven’t listened to our 360 With 360 WoodWorking Podcast, you should. Go here.)


Here’s my tip for faster learning when listening to a Podcast. On most players there is a speed button as shown by the red arrows in the photo. Click the button to increase the speed to 1.5 times instead of listening at regular speed. With the playback moving faster, you tend to pay closer attention without drifting off, and the entire playback takes less time.

It’s now possible to listen to a 360 With 360 WoodWorking Podcast (generally around six minutes of woodworking information) in only four minutes.

— Glen D. Huey

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