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IMG_0472A while ago, we did a little shuffling of furniture at home. My wife decided we needed to set the TV on a Seymour mixing-board that I’d built for my first book and kept – the real story, which I’ve often told when speaking to woodworking groups, is that I still have the piece because I was upset (not exactly the word I’d like to use) with a show attendee who was dead set on purchasing it at a significant discount even though money was not an issue. I refused, and packed the piece for the ride home. And yes, it’s still there, thank you very much.

If you’re not familiar with a mixing-board, think sideboard with a marble inset top. Marble was used in place of shellac-finished wood because spilled alcohol – as adult beverages were mixed – would damage the shellac. Not so with the marble.

~Seymour MixingboardEvery time we walked past the piece there would be a “tink, tink, tink” noise. The bails were bouncing. I can only take this for so long before changes need to be made.

As I thought out my options – remove the hardware, put small pieces of felt under the bails, bend the bails tighter pinching them to the plates – it dawned on me to simply flip the bails up instead of allowing them to hang down. It worked.

Lesson learned:

  1. Think simple first.
  2. Sell something when you have the opportunity.
  3. Or maybe it’s build drawers without hardware. There’s a head-scratcher.
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2 thoughts on “Simple Hardware Fix

  1. Smart fix.
    It’s times like that when the light bulb comes on that are life’s little pleasures.
    And I remember you telling that story to our guild.
    I wouldn’t have sold it to that guy either.
    Good article Glen.

  2. You could have also rebuilt the foundation and floors of the house. Oh, you said simple…

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