Offset Shouldered Mortise-and-Tenon Joints

M&T_DifferencesThe title of this post easily could have been “Build a Glass Door with Proper Joinery.” For most woodworkers, the first glass-included door they build is a simple assembly of rails and stiles that are rabbeted for the glass. While that works, there is a better method. Better because the work looks more like it was accomplished by an experienced woodworker, but the steps to do the work are the same. What changes, for the most part, is the location of your fence as you work. (Yes, there is more, but everything is easy.)

The photo shows the difference between the two mortise and tenons. The lower joint shows end grain at the rabbeted area. The upper joint is polished and clean. No end grain.

The video below walks you through the steps to build a simple glass door with shouldered mortise-and-tenon joinery. Learning these techniques increases your woodworking abilities, and will have you banging out glass doors that make your work look masterful.


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