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Ron has been sharpening, fettling, using and restoring old tools most of his life. He shares his wealth of knowledge through his website

Shooting boards turn hand planes, a tool used most often to smooth and flatten stock, into finesse tools in the shop or on the job site – a simple, exactingly executed shop-made board brings superpowers to planes. All of a sudden you have the ability to trim boards by thousandths of an inch with a single forward stroke, and tweak a mitered corner to an exacting fit while also planing in enough room for glue squeeze out. Plus you can set it up for both right-handed and left-handed work.

I’m always amazed when I see shooting boards made using the best hardwoods, and with slick finishes. It’s as if it is going on exhibit at a museum. Our shooting boards are made using six parts pulled from the scrap pile. Yes, I said scrap pile. In fact, that’s where Savé comes into the picture.

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10 thoughts on “Shooting Boards

  1. Nice presentation.

    Love to have heard the “wise crack ” from the camera guy in the second video.

    Thanks Don

    1. Which camera man, is really the question…

      Maybe we’ll put out a blooper reel someday…maybe.

  2. Ron. Great and easy to follow discussion. I hope you’ll be involved doing many more things with 360 in the future. I really appreciated some of the tricks you showed for getting accuracy in cuts without a lot of guess work. Your tempo and enthusiasm comes through.


  3. Bob,

    I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing more from all our contributors (even those you haven’t met yet), but I hope Ron will be pretty frequent in his contributions (but don’t tell him I said so…). He’s a good friend and an extremely knowledgable craftsman (but don’t tell him I said that either). There’s more to come.

  4. This was a great article. Video 4 was the best part, and I will be making some ‘crutches’ soon. I have to say that Ron’s presentation methods show how knowledgeable he is about wood working, but also how great a teacher he is. I have watched many videos online and Ron adds little bits of knowledge and how-to’s at just the right moment that a lot of presenters seem to just glance over.

  5. Wow! A lot of valuable information there. I’ll be watching a couple times more and making notes to be sure I’ve got it all.

  6. Great video! Thanks!

  7. Incredible video. I’ll be watching it over and over.

  8. Your download links are reversed, the “download with video” link downloads the “without video” version and vice-versa.

    1. Thanks, Bill. Made the switch. All should be fixed.

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