Shellac Wash Coat – 360w360 E.196

A shellac wash coat can solve lots of problems, but it can also cause many more if you're trying to regulate color penetration.In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking the 360 guys discuss a topic found on a woodworking forum – giving a piece a shellac wash coat prior to stain.

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Shellac Wash Coat

Woodworking forums are a great way for folks to hash out ideas. Sometimes the questions posed (and their subsequent answers) contain bits of erroneous information. Such is the case with the topic of today’s podcast. A forum commenter wanted to know if coating a picture frame (which contained a knot filled in with epoxy) with shellac would even out the color once stain was applied. Listen to the entire episode to find out what the guys think and how they would approach the problem.


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One thought on “Shellac Wash Coat – 360w360 E.196

  1. I know which thread to which you refer (responded in it that they should consider adding dye to their shellac — but didn’t elaborate as in your podcast).

    To the guy’s credit, later in the thread he promises to make a test board with a simulated epoxy filled knot. Probably not the same knot (ha!) filling epoxy but at least he gets the message that testing a schedule first is good practice. And he further goes on to say this frame is a temporary solution with plans to replace with a nicer one later.

    I just hope for his sake that “later” means sooner rather than later. I’ve got a few things hanging about that fall into the “this is OK for now but I’ll fix it later” and it’s been 10-20 years. Surely I’m not the only one?

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