Shaker Shop Stool Full Video

VideoPageThumbTime is often a valuable commodity for woodworkers. That’s why 360WoodWorking has set up project videos under the “Online Course” heading and broken the videos into modules and lessons. ( Click here to visit the page.) If, however, you have ample time or are simply interested in watching our project-based videos in one fell swoop, the player below has the Shaker Shop Stool full-length video loaded and waiting. Enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “Shaker Shop Stool Full Video

  1. Nice job, Glen. You’re a great instructor. Your no-nonsense approach to woodworking is similar to mine and one that is sure to hit home with a lot of woodworkers. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well, I wish you luck. But – IMO – a rehash of a shaker stool is nowhere near going to cut it enough for me to sign up.

    A 1 -hr completely detailed shaker chest of drawers – or completely detailed chimney cabinet (as better than the one you guys did in PopWoodworking a bit back) – maybe.

    Sorry. But the ‘promise’ is not yet showing thru – at all.

    1. Chris,

      This release is in no way whatsoever an indication of what we plan to bring to the table. The presentation is only a vehicle to demonstrate a few of the methods we’re using to disseminate the decades of woodworking information that 360WoodWorking has to offer.

      The Shaker Shop Stool is a simple, albeit useful, project that allows us to share the information using text, photos that pop up in larger format so you can clearly see every detail and video for those who enjoy and learn best from watching. We’ve broken down the entire building process into sections to allow a hurried woodworker to watch segments whenever time permits. Plus, we have the entire video posted so you can watch the building process from start to finish, if you have the time. There is more to come.

      All I can say is if you walk away from 360Woodworking based on this sample presentation, you’ll miss a ton of great woodworking information presented in a way that allows you to learn how you learn best.

      1. Thanks Glen and Chuck.. I won’t be walking away.. Can’t wait for December 15th!

        Sorry for being so harsh – perhaps I had just seen one too many Shaker stools..

        I’m sure you are getting tons of ‘suggestions’ – so If I may add mine? Others might find a Shaker Chest of Drawers as uninteresting as I found the stool, but an implementation incorporating a few little-seen but useful approaches – like the NK drawer slide system (with a thorough explanation) – that would really interest me..

        In short, there is a real need to showcase little-exposed but useful techniques – another would be how to do a great lacquer pullover table top finish The only video I ever found on this was an FWW short by Sean Clarke – and I had to reverse-engineer the UK pullover solvent he used (I did)..

        And – the ‘balance’ between machine and handwork – the old ‘Normites vs. Luddites’ – there is room here. I still cringe when I see someone manually ripping away a large angled cut when I know I can do it in seconds – and better – with my TS-55.. And flattening a side of a board with a scrub plane – when my 3″ Bosch 3365 single-blade disposable carbide hand planer will again do it in seconds.. (a gem of a tool..)

        Enough. Again – best wishes for success!

    2. Chris,

      The Shaker stool is merely a sample presentation that shows you where we’re headed in terms of how we’re going to use different media to help woodworkers learn better. Our first big release is coming December 15 and the projects are far more complex. Let us know what you think then.

  3. A complaint after the first video?! Wow! A sample of one and somebody pulls the trigger? I suggest we all wait a little bit and see what these guys can do. Their reputations are stellar and the multi-media approach is promising. I suspect projects will range from the simple (Shaker stools) to the complex (Louis XV Bombe chest with marquetry and carving). Let’s give Bob, Chuck, and Glen a little running room.

  4. I like how you don’t go into detail much about the trivial stuff like a plug cutter and how you didn’t waste time with showing every single repetitive cut. Anyone who is worth their salt even inexperienced should have the common sense to handle those task.

    So far I really like what I see. I can only suggest one thing. I tried to download the whole project to see how it would work out. I could not get it to download to my iPad. I think the problem is on my end with my satellite internet, maybe list or show the download size in the description.

    Rock On

  5. Hey Glen,

    which came first the Shaker stool or the post and beam brace you used in the Stool. 8-).

    Enjoyed watching. Much success. Can’t wait to see the next issue.


  6. I don’t see where a drawing stating the beginning dimensions of the top and sides of the stool is posted anywhere.

    1. I see that you’ve registered as a FREE member. As long as you are logged in, you should be able to see the entire free article along with the plans, short video of the completed stool and a cut list at the link below.

      Hope you enjoy the article.

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