Shaker Shop Stool Drawings

ShakerShopStoolAfter the release of the sample presentation we were asked if we planned to have SketchUp drawings of the free projects we present. The answer is an emphatic, yes, we do plan to include drawings for the projects we present – both free and those only available to subscribers. In fact, I was amazed that we had not included the drawings. To make up for my shortcomings, at least in regards to this 360Woodworking project, below is a link to the Shaker Shop Stool Drawings.

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2 thoughts on “Shaker Shop Stool Drawings

  1. So do I have to learn how to use Sketch Up in order to figure out cut lists and the dimensions of all the components to the projects? Will there be a simple PDF download with all the info, or will I have to go into the program, figure out the dimensions, and write them down? (I know I sound lazy and like a computer illiterate). Thanks.

    1. Robert, you should spend the time to learn SketchUp. It’s a tool as powerful as a table saw to a woodworker. But you can rest easy in that we will include cut lists with our major projects. Plus, we’ll provide an all-inclusive PDF with video added, if there is video, and a simple PDF that’s void of all video so it downloads quicker.

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