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As you are probably aware, 360 Woodworking is a big fan of Micro Fence. So much so that owner Rich Wedler was one of the early interviews published to our members (Listen here). Rich has also participated in a few podcast, such as episode #37 & episode #38. And I’m still working to get him to write an article – the man is a wealth of knowledge about routers, router bits and a lot more.

Rich Wedler, owner of Micro Fence, playing guitar at one of The Woodworking Shows.

Rich passed on The Woodworking Shows last year to pump up his company and revamp its website, which is about to go live. It was scheduled for June 1, but according to Rich the new launch date has pushed out about two weeks.

That is good news, indeed. Not because his new site didn’t launch, but because Rich has left his soon-to-be-updated prices at the old levels. If you have a new plunge base, edge guide (the most accurate tool available), circle jig, light ring or vacuum clamps on your list, now is the time to load up. And I also recommend a can or two of DynaGlide Dry Lube Spray. (I use this stuff on all my machine beds.)

— Glen D. Huey

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One thought on “Save $$$ @ Micro Fence

  1. Definitely one of the nicest guys on the Woodworking Show circuit. I know his new venture will go well.

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