Rough Cut Spice Box Plans

Ever since my appearance on the Public Television Show “Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac,” I’ve received calls, messages and emails from woodworkers asking for plans for the spice box that Tommy and I built on the show. For those who contacted me, here it is. And it’s something a little different from – a full set of scaled drawings.

Included in the plan packet are the major views (front side, back and exploded), a few detailed views to aid in locating parts and how the box comes together, patterns for the moldings and feet, and a comprehensive cut list and hardware listing. I’ve also added a few notes pertaining to secret compartments with article references included.

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3 thoughts on “Rough Cut Spice Box Plans

  1. Very cool!
    That was a good episode when you & Tommy Mac built the piece.

  2. Hi Glen.
    Is there any chance to see the video of the show again? I had it recorded on my dvr but it was lost when I changed cable suppliers and I can’t find it anywhere now.

    1. It is my belief that due to the change in show hosts, and the ongoing legal issues between Tommy and WGBH, the station pulled all of the old episodes. Unfortunately, I do not know where you could find the show at this time. If anyone does have a lead on past episodes of Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac, please send a message my way.

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