Rediscover Your Bandsaw

IMG_6174About a week ago Alex Snodgrass stopped by the 360 Woodworking shop to give us a lesson in how to setup a bandsaw for resaw work; it’s an upcoming article that’s sure to make you look at your machine differently. He explains how to dial in for the perfect cut, and tosses in a couple of great tips along the way.

Alex knows bandsaws. Not only has he toured The Woodworking Shows for many years, he advises Carter Products Company – one of the big names in bandsaws and bandsaw accessories – and has his name on more than a few patents for items relating to bandsaws.

As we began to film, Alex takes a second to remove the table from our bandsaw. He noticed my look of amazement and said, “It’s the best way to see what you’re doing.” I’ve put together more than my share of bandsaws throughout the years, but I cannot remember the last time that I took off a table just to make adjustments. As I moved to change the blade on our machine, off came the table. I’m damn glad I did, too. Two knobs and it was ready for lift-off.

IMG_6176Take a look at the opening photo. Look at all the crap that was lodged up under the table. I’ll admit that it’s been some time since I blew-out or vacuumed the bandsaw, but dust was so packed in there that the junk in the trunnion knobs had to be scratched out. After cleaning the dust and clearing the gunk, it was so easy to work on the blade change that I doubt I’ll ever do so without removing the table. Not sure why it took me until now to catch on.

And while I had the table off, I discovered that I had lost one of the three bolts that hold the table trunnion in place. Of course, I replaced it before the table went back in place. Next time you need to swap bandsaw blades, try pulling the table. You never know what you’re liable to discover.

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2 thoughts on “Rediscover Your Bandsaw

  1. Excellent advice as always.
    Looking forward to the video.
    (THAT is a lot of sawdust in the opening picture !)

  2. I thought that little 1 1/2″ (+/-) dust collection port was pretty much useless so I bought a 4″ metal one that sorta works ok. But most of the time I am too lazy to use it.

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