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~Pull_Top_Down_OnlineOpenerIn the past 150 years the building of furniture has changed.  Not the designs. Yes, during those years we’ve travelled through Victorian (a period that few woodworkers even acknowledge let alone reproduce), Arts & Crafts (including Stickley, Greene & Greene and Mackintosh), and contemporary designs (Esherick, Maloof and Krenov), but for the most part, designs brought forth during the times of Chippendale, Queen Anne, Federal and Shaker continue to stand strong.

What about joinery? It hasn’t changed much either. Mortise and tenons and dovetails are still considered the best techniques to join wood.

What have made the biggest changes to furniture making are the wood … and today’s HVAC … and how the two interact.

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2 thoughts on “Pull Your Top Down

  1. Great article you guys. I guess I never thought of it as an HVAC problem because the climate is pretty moderate around here, plus we get a lot of the marine layer here by the coast and the humidity stays quite constant as well. I did consider the old growth issue because that makes complete sense to me also. I’m taking delivery of a nine foot farm table on Monday that needs to be shortened to seven feet and when I went down to the store to look at it I saw that top was held on by huge pocket screws on the ends. Down the sides there were no pockets only two lateral braces which were screwed to the top. There are forty five degree blocks down the sides but don’t know if they are glued, I hope not! Anyway, thanks for your article. Best Regards, jt

  2. I to use buttons..Like Chucks method of cutting them!!Good info.

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