Slide-Lid Domino Box (Online Course)


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Small boxes are often the introduction to woodworking for many craftspeople. Yet you’ll find the most accomplished makers building boxes, too. They are a great project on which to build skills or try a new technique, and you can easily satisfy any creative urges. Boxes can be extremely simple, or vastly complex – the design and complexity often reflect the makers abilities.

This project is great as an introduction to woodworking because many of the basic woodworking skills are presented step-by-step throughout the course, such as proper milling and conventional joinery – sometimes completed using outside-the-box techniques. More advanced skills are also covered, so intermediate-level woodworkers are challenged, too. Plus, you’ll use a mix of both power tools and hand tools.

Building this double slide-lid storage box, depending on your skill level, can be completed in a long weekend, or spread out over many periods of available shop time. Videos included with each lesson allow you to easily identify what’s been completed, and grasp the techniques used in upcoming operations.

Along with the 15 lessons comes a downloadable Plan Packet, complete with end, side and top views, an exploded view, a detailed view of important joinery and complete cut list. Plus there’s a 17-page PDF of Step Photos with Captions to take into your shop as a simple reminder of steps and procedures.

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