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  • A Guide to Useful Woods of the World

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    An invaluable reference source for woodworkers, wood collectors, and others interested in wood, featuring detailed information, photos and drawings of 279 species of wood (described in a two-page data sheet containing information on the scientific name, family name, other names, distribution, the tree, the timber, seasoning, durability, workability, uses, and supplies), & much more.
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  • Illustrated Guide to Building Period Furniture

    By Glen D. Huey

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    This book and included DVD offers five exquisite examples of classic American furniture that you’ll be able to call your own. Each incorporates time-honored joinery, graceful proportions and eye-catching details. And there’s no need to feel daunted by the challenge of making them. Hundreds of photographs take you through the building steps, while carefully rendered drawings and cut lists take the mystery and math out of the work.

    The author has included a Pennsylvania Tall-case Clock, a New England Secretary, a Boston Block-front Chest, a stunning Chest on Chest and a Massachusetts Bonnet-top Highboy.

    Plus, the DVD includes  in-depth instruction on shaping cabriole legs, miter sticking and other techniques you’ll find invaluable as you build these pieces for your home.

    Sold By: 360 WoodWorking
  • Building Fine Furniture by Glen D. Huey

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    This book is a “walk through the centuries” of furniture designs. The author has included 12 exciting furniture projects based on pieces found in the 18th century through the 20 century, including a few pieces (CD cabinet, Jewelry Chest and Barber-Pole Bed) he has designed himself.

    Other projects include a Federal Side Table, One-piece Step-back Cupboard, Hanging Wall Cupboard with tombstone glass windows in the doors and a Slant-lid Desk on Frame. Each chapter is full of easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photos. These projects are fun to build and add elegance to any home.

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  • Project Plans Issue 1 – 6 (PDF Download)

    An updated collection of illustrations from the projects covered in the first six issues of 360 Woodworking. Yes, we’ve tossed in a couple of additional drawings. Included is a brief description of the project, a full and complete cutlist of materials, and exploded view and the regular two views found with most plans. What you have is all the information needed to build the project.

    This EBook includes two Shaker projects (sewing table and Enfield cupboard), a Federal-period card table, a Regency waterfall bookcase, the Esherick music stand, a spice box and more.

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  • Techniques, Tips & Tidbits on Finishing (PDF)

    A collection of short works taken from the 360 Woodworking blog on all things Finishing. Inside the pages of this EBook we cover topics such as how to tweak an oil/varnish finish to work in any humidity, how to protect inlay from discoloring if you intend to add dye or stain to your project, tips for brush selection, and the best finish process to highlight figured hardwoods. You’ll discover how to date store-bought shellac so you don’t spread a gooey, non-drying film over your work, and how to maintain a clean rim around any can, be it shellac, paint or another type of topcoat. Plus, there are a couple of articles to warn you about common woodworking mistakes, including one that can ruin your project.

    If finishing scares the bejesus out of you, or if you’re simply not comfortable with your level of finishing knowledge, a copy of this book is a must for your library – keep the best information gathered and close at hand.

    Sold By: 360 WoodWorking

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