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IMG_0614Sunday morning, Kevin Maloney, a member of 360 Woodworking for his second year – thanks, Kevin, for your continued support – strolled up to our Adjust-A-Bench at the St. Paul Woodworking Show to say hello and take a few photos.

As we talked he casually mentioned that he was getting ready to begin cutting his first dovetails by hand. That’s all it took to get Chuck Bender into action. He pulled Kevin around on the working side of the bench and guided him through his process to create a set of through dovetails.

Chuck has taught this technique for years at The Woodworking Shows and in his classes – he’s even changed the way I cut my dovetails. (This is where you toss in the “old dog and new tricks” comment.)

At the end, Kevin walked away with the knowledge to cut through dovetails on any project, and a great-fitting piece of joinery that happened in a one-on-one class at the show.

You never know what can happen with the guys from 360 Woodworking. Stop out and say hello at one of the four remaining shows. See us at Milwaukee, Tampa, Atlanta or Kansas City.

If you cannot catch up with 360 Woodworking at one of the shows, sign up to take a class in our shop in Cincinnati. Remember, as a 360 Woodworking Fanatic, you get a $100 discount off your classes.

— Glen D. Huey


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3 thoughts on “Private Class

  1. This is an awesome post and one that brings to memory a related story. I was at a Woodworking show in the Harrisburg Lancaster, PA area around 15 years ago and walked up to Chuck’s booth to check it out. I was just starting out and asked a few questions about the High Boy he had there with him. (Might have been a Chest on Chest, but I remember, it was TALL) He grabbed a small drawer towards the top, pulled it out and gave me the low down on the piece. I made mention that I had never cut a half blind dovetail and asked was it harder than cutting through dovetails? Next thing I know, I have two chunks of wood and a saw in my hand. The joint went together and was solid (Not pretty though) I still have those chunks of jointed wood in my shop and I now feel half blinds are easier than through. Thanks for the quick lesson Chuck, and Thank You 360Woodworking for continuing to teach those that want to learn.


  2. Looking forward to catching up with you guys in Tampa.
    No lesson necessary, but maybe a group photo for my shop.

    And Chuck is lucky I don’t live next door to him.
    I’d ALWAYS be over there pestering him for tips…lol

    (And nice job on those dovetails Kevin) !

  3. It was such a pleasure to meet Chuck and Glen in person and I look forward to continuing my annual subscription to 360 WoodWorking. Lots and lots of valuable info all the time!

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