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cutlistAt 360 WoodWorking, we promote SketchUp when we teach or present seminars. Even if you do not yet have a handle on this amazing tool or you have given it a try and walked away somewhat disappointed, there are ways you can reap huge rewards.

My first suggestion is to stay with, work slow and do not expect to become an overnight SketchUp sensation. I struggled for a while and then it happened. Some call it an epiphany, I simply said “It’s about time.” All at once, it came to me. And from that day on I’ve been using the program to some of its abilities.

I say some of its abilities because, like woodworking, there is always something new to learn. The first presentation from 360 Woodworking’s fifth issue of 2015 is a piece from David Heim titled, “Top 10 SketchUp Plug-ins For Woodworkers.” (Yes, his list includes a plug-in for creating a cut list.) Within the first few minutes of watching David’s video demonstration, I picked up a new SketchUp technique that should save me plenty of time.

If you’re a member click here to jump to the complete article. If you’re not a member, you can get a taste of David’s article by going to the same link. Or you can use the buttons below to take the plunge and enjoy not only this new release, but everything we’ve released since January 1, 2015 (38 great woodworking articles written by experienced woodworkers).

How can you benefit from SketchUp if you don’t wish to put in the time needed to become proficient? That one is an easy answer. Download the FREE program, open a project (many of the projects we publish are available for free on our website), click on a case side, door part or whatever and pull it apart. Study the joinery as you move items to and fro, but when you’re done and go about closing the program do not hit save. The next time you open the project it will be magically re-assembled waiting for you to tear it apart again.

— Glen D. Huey

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