Pembroke Table with Glen Huey

The newest course added to the line-up is “Pembroke Table with Glen Huey.” This course is divided into two major sections. During the first half of the course, the table is constructed without mention of inlay – I think it’s important to understand the construction techniques used to build this table. Only after working through the steps to taper legs, create mortise and tenons, make curved parts and create the fly aprons does the course move into making the inlay pieces – stringing, cuff banding, edge banding and bookend inlay.

When taking this online course you should look to advance or reinforce solid woodworking skills, such as two methods to taper legs. Plus, joinery techniques are demonstrated, including mortise-and-tenon work, dovetails and working with curved parts. When it comes to working with shop-made inlay, you work through the steps to make the pieces and each step to inlay those pieces is fully explained and shown.

Included in the course are a full set of plans, a cut list and a PDF of step photos (106 color images each with captions) for additional information.

Simply sign up for the course, locate the online courses from the “My Account” page and enjoy working through the course at your leisure.

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