PDF Presentations Now in Two Flavors

2typesPDFEmbedding video in a PDF document is a great way to meld video content along with text and photos. This post walks you through how it works. We’ve heard from several readers who have experienced some problems with our first presentation, Glen Huey’s piece on building a Shaker Shop Stool. These problems manifest themselves as downloads that take forever, or files that arrive corrupted. The reason for these problems is the size of the files; adding in the video adds bulk to the file in much the same way that sea salt caramel topping adds calories to whatever you pour it on. If you have a fast internet connection, this isn’t much of a problem because your computer can gobble up and digest all that data in a few minutes. If you have a slow connection however, it’s just too many zeros and ones trying to move down too small a pipe.

So, we’ve decided to publish two versions of our PDF presentations, one with the video embedded in the PDF and an identical one that contains links to online versions of the videos. When you reach the point in a story where a video is, you’ll see a gray bar above a large photo that says “Click Image Below to Watch Video Online”.  When you click, your web browser will open and you will arrive here on our site where you can watch the same video that is embedded in the alternate PDF.

The difference in file size is significant, so if you experience problems with the embedded video PDF, try the smaller version. It won’t be quite as convenient to get to the videos, but you will be able to enjoy the same content.

Glen’s article is an example of the various ways we produce content, if you haven’t seen it yet follow the links below:

Shaker Shop Stool (online version)

Shaker Shop Stool (PDF with embedded video – 394MB)

Shaker Shop Stool (PDF with links to online video – 8MB)

We’re also serving up the same project in video only format:

Shaker Shop Stool (free online video class presentation)

Shaker Shop Stool (free online video)

 – Bob Lang


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2 thoughts on “PDF Presentations Now in Two Flavors

  1. Like your choice of the PDF with the video links. I have a reasonably fast Internet connection, but the embedded loading is slow. Personally, I will probably read the PDF and go to the video presentation if I have questions or am actually going to build the project. Nice quality on all of the materials.

  2. Thanks guys,

    I’ve got a terrible internet connection (Thanks Verizon) so this solves a issue that would have prevented my membership.

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