Of secret drawers and hidden compartments

Well, the York WoodWorks show has come and gone for 2008. I had a great time at the show exhibiting and presenting a couple of classes. On Friday and Sunday I presented a class entitled “Secret Drawers, Hidden Compartments and Locking Mechanisms”. On Saturday I presented “The Three Essential Power Tools for Beginners”. All three seminars were fun. Hopefully, those attending learned something. I certainly did.

Since these were my first presentations ever, I learned that my assessment of the woodworking public is entirely correct. Woodworkers are by far the best people on the face of the planet. Friday’s class started with a bit of a sputter but got rolling a bit better as time went on. By Sunday, the class has gelled and the attendees had nearly as good a time as I did.

I’m not glossing over the Saturday class. We had a lot of fun and I showed the group some new ways to think about putting together their fledgling shops. They learned about multi-tasking tools and what to look for in a decent machine. They also learned about some simple, shop made jigs that would help those machines do things that other dedicated machines do without thinking.

But I really wanted to talk a bit about the secret compartments…

Without giving too much away (I realize there are those in the Novi, MI area and the West Springfield, MA area that have yet to take the class as the WoodWorksEvents take place over the next few months) I found that this subject is huge. We had, by far, some of the larger classes at the entire show. Whoda thunk it?

Some of the participants asked questions directly related to 18th Century furniture which was good for me since that’s the area with which I am most familiar. Yet others asked about secret compartments in architecture and more contemporary pieces of furniture. The creative inclusion of hidden compartments in anything made from wood has mass appeal. Woodworkers enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out how to fools people while the general public enjoys the challenge of figuring out the woodworker’s clever concealment.

In the days to come I’ll keep you updated on my¬†exploration of this subject. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing from me quite a bit on this subject over the next year or two.

Novi…here I come. I’ll try to take some pics and do a little blogging from the show this weekend.


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