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I received a very timely message in my Inbox this morning. It was from Seth Godin. It was titled, “The Two Fears of Voluntary Education.” In it Godin writes about two reasons why people hold back from online courses. The first is that the class won’t work because anyone can create and sell online courses. Who knows of their qualifications or experience? There is reason for the buyer to beware. The second reason is that the class might work, and that opens the buyer to something new. Something that changes the buyer. And change brings risk, which introduces fear.

I read the message numerous times because today is the day that I introduce change to 360Woodworking. That change revolves around online courses. (No, I’m not worried about the first of the two fears. Most woodworkers know of my experience and qualifications.)

I’ve heard from many of our members throughout the years. What I hear is that you believe, as do I, that video is king. (Of course, the information has to be reliable and proven.) Video presentations published by 360 Woodworking have been better received than many written articles. And there is little doubt that project-based articles are more highly prized by our members – most of whom have figured out that even if the project is not to their liking, there are great tips and techniques to be found in the presentation.

It’s Time for a Change

With that information in hand, I’m excited to announce that beginning this month – today, in fact – begins a new chapter. On a somewhat regular basis, up to ten times per year depending on the project, an Online Course will be added to the site. All paid members can sign-up for the course for free, and progress through it at their leisure. Non-members can sign up for the course for a small fee. (Other presentations will be delivered intermittently throughout the year.)

Courses will be project based, each course is broken down into sections and lessons and each lesson includes a short video. July’s course in “Build A Chippendale Small Chest.” Take a FREE look at the introduction to this course.

—Glen D. Huey


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2 thoughts on “New Path for 360 Woodworking

  1. Hi Glen –

    Good luck with your new business model – your reasoning seems sound to me. I have some comments/questions:

    1. Will it still be possible to download the videos/plans? I won’t personally sign up for anything where streaming is the only option (a) I travel a lot and being able to watch without internet is nice for me; b) (No offense) I don’t know what internet businesses are going to make it for long term and don’t want to lose access to content. (I have no issue with you setting the policies however you like – your business/your rules).

    2. I assume there will in general be plans?

    3. I might be an outlier, but I’d personally be interested in occasional “jumbo” projects that would take longer than the standard month to release, e.g. a block-front chest or similar.

    Best of luck and success with your changes!

    1. Brian,
      The online course is available online. You will need Internet access to watch the course. Each project-based course includes a full set of drawings, similar to what members now enjoy with project presentations. (I’m trying to decide if it’s better to include a PDF of the drawings to be downloaded, which is how the Chippendale Chest is setup, or to simply include the drawings in the course area where they could be copied and printed.)

      I will have DVDs of the projects available, but those would be at an extra cost – member discounts would still apply.

      The reason that I set the bar at 10 projects annually is so that there is room for one or two major projects. In the coming months, for example, I will post a course on building a flat-top highboy.

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