New Online Course – Pembroke Table with Glen Huey

Happy day before Thanksgiving. As you prepare for your holiday celebration with family and friends, take a minute to check out the newest online course offering from, Pembroke Table with Glen Huey. (If you’re a member of our community, you have free access to the project. I’ve sent an email message to each of you describing the project and providing instructions on how to pull the new course into your “Online Courses” tab.)

If you’re not yet a member, you, too, can take a look at the project and course. At the bottom of the Pembroke Table listing there is a link to take to the Introduction of the Pembroke table course. Watch the introduction for free, but the balance of the 31 lesson of this project are only opened up when you decide to pull the trigger and purchase a membership or purchase the individual course.

Of course, a membership is the best deal. Along with the new Pembroke Table course,  you gain access to other online course, including Tea Caddy and Chippendale Small Chest of Drawers – each is a series of lessons guiding you through building the project. Plus, you have access to more than 100 additional woodworking articles from projects to techniques to interviews with major players in the world of woodworking. (If you want to check out the list of articles published, go to and click on “Index.” There you can scroll down the entire list.)

Additionally, a membership to would be a great holiday gift for a woodworker in your life – or yourself! It’s better to sign-up now. There may be a small increase in new memberships in 2018.

— Glen D. Huey



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