Neat Clamping Addition

Bobby_0529While we were in South Carolina talking with the Greenville Woodworkers Guild, our host, an accomplished woodworker, was working on a set of ball-and-claw feet. What caught my attention was a simple added scrap of wood he had incorporated into his setup. (I enjoy when scraps are put to work and not just tossed in the garbage or burn pile.)

Our host, as you can see in the above photo, cut a slice out of one end of his scrap so that it would slide over the bar of his clamp – he’s using a K-body style clamp with a wide bar, so the piece doesn’t twist to one side or the other. He’s also cut it so the square end is at the right height to hold the workpiece just as he needs.

I watched him carve for a bit and each time he rolled the foot to the adjacent side, the action was smooth and easy. A setup such as this makes it so easy to work on all four of the faces so you can bring the carving along consistently throughout the process.

— Glen D. Huey

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One thought on “Neat Clamping Addition

  1. Great idea.
    I’m always amazed at what the old boys in my guild come up with.
    And when you ask them to show you, they stop right then and there and show you.
    Those Greenville boys look like a great bunch of fellas.
    If I ever get over that way, I’m going to look them up.

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