Multitask Tool & Shop Improvements

~IMG_2792With a small amount of extra time on our hands, we decided it’s time to improve things around the shop so we have a better look for upcoming videos. The easiest call, of course, is paint.

Our shop ceiling is right around 16′, so there was no need to paint to the rafters – we needed to be above the regular camera line. I figured that at 10′. To make a straight line to paint to, I marked off a couple of ticks that I could bridge between to strike a line. We have a level in the shop, but it was too far away. What to use as a straightedge?

IMG_2791_CloseAs I peered around the area, my eyes fell upon a Festool track saw track. Why not? Besides, we don’t breakdown plywood on a daily basis around these parts (but I do have a project in the pipeline of which the majority is plywood). Getting another use for track that sits around idle for long periods of time is a simple justification for a tool purchase, right? It worked great.

Interested in what color we selected as a background for our DVDs and video clips, at least behind my bench? You can see it below. With a few added lights hanging over the bench, it’s sure to make my tiger maple projects pop!


— Glen D. Huey

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