Multi-profile Beading Bit

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As a whole, we at 360 Woodworking don’t care for tools that have a single purpose. We’re in search of tools that can do more than one thing – multitaskers.

When you look at a standard beading router bit, a bit that actually makes a full bead, you may see a single-purpose bit. But these router bits do more than one job. In an upcoming article due for release on Friday (1/22/16), the setup shown above is used to create two different bead profiles.

The profile that most of us are used to seeing and making is a bead for backboards or for a beaded apron, as it is in this instance. Install the router bit into a router table or router, raise the cutter to the needed position then profile the apron. Done.

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A second profile is to make a corner bead. To make this profile, the router bit has to be setup properly because you make a pass against one face, then flip the workpiece to make a second pass along an adjacent face. If you’re not set up properly, you screw up the bead – it pays to use a scrap for setup.

When you get everything set just right, the results are a full corner bead. In my experience, I cannot say that I’ve seen a full corner bead on many of the antiques at which I’ve looked. I think of it as a more contemporary design. What are your thoughts?

– Glen D. Huey

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