More Than 150 Planes

If you are at all interested in handplanes and you are around or can get to Ron Herman’s shop this coming weekend (, you owe it to yourself to do so. He plans to cover more than 150 planes in the Saturday session alone.

Ron is conducting a couple of seminars that cover about anything you need to know about handplanes. Ron’s knowledge is as vast and deep as his inventory of “User” planes. Ron knows a thing or two about these tools. He is my “Go to” guy when I have any questions about these tools.

In the Saturday class “Metal Planes By The Numbers,”  which you can attend separately from the Sunday class, Ron cuts through the clutter and demystifies the cryptic identification systems. He delivers clear information on the planes, their manufacturers, and what the numbers all mean. He’ll also share how the planes are used for different purposes. With more than 150 planes to work with, the only limiting factor is going to be time.

So What’s Left for Sunday?

During Sunday’s class, “Fettle/Tune a Metal Plane,”  Ron shows you how to dismantle and properly  reassemble the planes, sharpen their end caps and irons, and true their soles, among many other things. Plus, he’ll provide solid information on when a plane is not worth saving. Best of all, you’re welcome to bring one or more of your own handplanes into class to work on. That all but guarantees that you’ll walk away with a tuned-up plane that is in its best working condition since it was new; maybe even better.

Both classes are well worth your money and your time. I know Ron. He enjoys talking about his woodworking tools and is happy to share whatever information he has. My guess is that if you attend both days, there’s a good chance that your head will explode sometime after lunch on Sunday.

— Glen D. Huey

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