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1920 - File Filosophy by NicholThis morning (Tuesday 11/17/2015) we posted a podcast on rasps and files. After we recorded the podcast, I roamed around the Internet for more information and stumbled upon an old book covering the tool. The pamphlet – it was just 48 pages – was by Nicholson, and is titled “File Filosophy.” (The cover is shown in the opening photo.)

Inside the pamphlet is a fantastic amount of information about files and rasps. But please keep in mind that this is an old publication, and as it is with other old books, new ideas, beliefs and knowledge has surfaced to make some of what’s printed obsolete.

I remember reading that at one time, I assume, it was a practice to resurface old files by grinding out the old teeth, cutting in new teeth before hardening the tool again. The pamphlet said that two or maybe three times this process could be done. In the next paragraph was written that the whole economy of re-cutting was questioned and the practice was done away with in the best appointed shops.

Given that warning, however, there are many great ideas and concepts to be learned, including how to hold a file, how to clean a file and the three distinguishing features of files, which includes length, kind and cut.

If you want to download and read the Nicholson pamphlet on “File Filosophy” I found a PDF version here.

— Glen D. Huey

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