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sledThe guys out who are part of the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild have it going on. I posted a long while back about a storage setup they’re using for drill bits. Digging through my phone from a visit back in April, I discovered another shop technique that works great and is inexpensive to apply.

This time, the KCWG has modified its table saw to accurately stop a sled before the blade exits the back fence. Take a look at the opening photo. First thing to notice is that the sled is a keeper. The design is top-notch (everyone should already know that), and the sleek look is a real eye-catch – not that look is important!

A second thing to see is the added block to the sled bottom that’s attached at the side; the sled, in order to add this feature, has to extend beyond the edge of your table. The extra block acts as the stop. But how?


In the above photo, you see how. Ingenious. I don’t think I need to explain. Nice job guys.

— Glen D. Huey


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3 thoughts on “More From KCWG

  1. Definitely something I intend to incorporate into my sled.
    Thanks KCWG. (and Glen) for showing us.
    This is simple & smart.

  2. Very nice addition.

  3. Hey Glen… what a very simple concept and yet so functional. Thanks for the write up and sharing it. I’ll have to get it added before my next project with my sled.

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