More About Changes @ 360 Woodworking

RedactedIn the last post I tried to cajole you into signing up for the Free membership at 360 Woodworking. Today, as the day of changes draws even closer, I’m going to let a few more interesting tidbits slip out. (We apologize for redacted document used in the opening photo, but some information is just not yet ready to be disseminated.)

Along with the new woodworking stuff (articles, tips and techniques) going out to our Free members, you find another level from which to choose. If you’re a woodworking Enthusiast, and you are interested in diving a little deeper into the topic – you want more than Free – there is something coming your way. This new membership level, of course, is not the same as what our current members receive or have access to – if it were, we’d classify you as a 360 Woodworking Fanatic.

Maybe I said too much already. Oh well. I have never been told that I talk too little.

— Glen D. Huey

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