Modular Storage

Skyline_Combo_2BI really like spice boxes. I like the small pieces you can use for the interior drawers – a great place to use highly figured woods that are mostly small scraps. I like how you can decorate the outside with bits and pieces in the form of inlay, be it banding or stringing.

What I don’t like is that the layout of the drawers is always the same. Not the design. You can choose from a myriad of interior layouts. I don’t like the fact that once the box is built, the drawers and storage locations are fixed.

In a recent 360 Woodworking article “Night-time Skyline,” I use modular storage in a small cupboard. Each of the drawers has its own frame or box into which it slides, and there’s a storage compartment that fits fully from side to side. This makes it possible to configure the interior in many ways, as shown in the opening photo. You are not limited, however, to these three layouts. Sliding the boxes toward the center arranges the interior in another way.

My thoughts are that if I get tired of the layout currently being used, I can switch things up. Goodbye boredom. Try that with a spice box. Hmm…

— Glen D. Huey

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One thought on “Modular Storage

  1. Those three arrangements really change the look of the piece.
    Very cool indeed.

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