Micro Fence Does It Again

LightedBaseIt wasn’t that long ago that manufacturers began to add LED to routers to light up the work area. The idea of adding light into the tight working areas of router work makes all the sense in the world, especially if you’re working with a Micro Fence plunge base and have all that accuracy at your fingertips.  Some router makers, to this day, have not added any router lighting whatsoever. Some manufacturers have installed one or two LED. That helps, but there are times when a couple of lights creates shadows that can be difficult. Well maybe now router-building companies won’t need to worry about catching up with the lead dog.

Micro Fence has developed a way to add lights to its plunge bases, both the plunge base and the micro plunge base. It’s using a printed circuit board. (From what I’ve read, it’s not easy to find a company that can customize the shape of printed circuit boards.) Micro Fence’s new accessory is a ring of lights that illuminates the entire work area. It’s way cool when you get a look. The opening photo shows the ring at work. While you still see shadows, they’re outside of the base. Not in the area in which you’re working.

Back when we interviewed Micro Fence owner Richard Wedler in issue 8, we got a look at an early prototype on which he was working. And while the idea was enlightening, it turns out that Rich found a far better alternative. You can read more about the new light ring, here. And you may as well place your order – you know you want to add this to your plunge base.


— Glen D. Huey


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  1. Looks pretty interesting.

  2. You’re right. I do. And now I have confirmation that I should.

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